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Please use my valuable tools that I have assembled for you:

1.  At the top of the webpage, there are "quick search" buttons.  For instance, move your cursor to the "Properties" button and click on "Search Homes For Sale."  You will be able to zoom in on the map and see all the available homes in that mapped area.  Or you can hover your cursor over the "My Neighborhoods" button and see the saved searches of the various neighborhoods.  Click on a neighborhood and see the amenities and the homes currently on the market in that neighborhood.  You can also check out the area information, the community resources, get preapproved with Prosperity Home Mortgage, LLC, which is an affiliated business of my company.

2.  The "Find My Home" Search engine is below.  You can enter a location such as "Saint Augustine Beach" or "Jacksonville" in the "Find My Home" search engine to view an up-to-date database of all available properties in the area.  You can also enter a zip code or a Multiple Listing Service (MLS) number in this search engine.

3.  My "Home Finder" button is the house with a magnifying glass which is the center button below. You can click on the "Home Finder" button and set up a personalized search that will send you automatic updates of the homes that are in a certain area you want to purchase in.  After clicking on the "Home Finder" button, click on "New Search," use the polygon button on the map to enclose the area you want to receive instant notices of new homes being added to the market, and then save the search.  Or you can contact me and I will set up a personalized search for you.  Email me using the contact message space at the bottom of the webpage or call me on my cell phone number.  

4.  The "Market Watch" button is bar chart below and it is right above the "Find My Home" search engine. You can click on the "Market Watch" button and see 9 different statistics from how many homes have sold in a certain zip code to the average price of the homes, among other things.  Click the market watch button, type in a zip code in the location spot and click "go," then click on the "View Market Stats" button to see the average sale price, the average days on the market, the number of properties on the market, and  other statistics and trends in the area.

5.  If you are thinking about selling, please contact me for a FREE MARKET ANALYSIS of your home.  Knowing everything about the properties that have sold in your neighborhood and the exact price to list your home at is the perfect formula to get your home sold for the highest price in the fastest amount of time.  You can also click on the "Home Valuation" button to get a quick estimate of your home and additional information such as how many people are looking for homes like yours, the average price of homes in your area that have sold, and the number of people in the Berkshire Hathaway database looking for homes like yours in the area.  Make sure you enter your name, phone, and email address so you can receive monthly updates because the real estate market changes and I want you to have up-to-date information.

6.  To get back to my homepage, click the Berkshire Hathaway logo in the upper left hand corner.

Welcome and thank you for visiting my website. 

Here's a little bit about me:  

I'm a retired United States Air Force Attorney.  I live my life by the Air Force Core Values of integrity, service before self, and excellence in all we do.  I love the law, and I love to help people.  Working as an attorney, most of the time people came to me after something bad had happened.  Either they were facing jail-time, or being sued, or the victim of a medical malpractice injury, etc.  In real estate, people are happy and looking forward to owning a new home, living their best life, and having the right home for their lifestyle.  Working in real estate offers me the opportunity to help people who are happy.  

In addition, even though real estate has to do with sales, it also has to do with good relationships.  We all purchase products from people we know and like, or we purchase products from people that our friends have recommended.  While I was in the military, I moved from base to base every 2 to 3 years.  Thus, some of my relationships suffered because of that.  Experts say that good relationships make life joyful, meaningful, and exciting.  I'm hoping to get to know a lot of new friends, get reaquainted with old friends, and have a lot of good, close relationships with people all across the world.  And please remember, the highest compliment my friends can give me is the referral of their friends, family, and business partners.  I can help anyone in the United States through our referral program.  This is where I set you up with an experienced realtor in another location that works with my company.

Finally, real estate is an excellent investment.  You need someone that is willing to look out for your best interests and not someone needing to sell you something so they can pay their own mortgage.  You need someone you trust, someone who is knowledgeable of the area, and someone who has a passion for helping people. 

Contact me and determine for yourself why people trust and rely on me to represent them in their real estate transactions. 

“Cinnamon is knowledgeable, trustworthy, responsive, and caring.  If you need to buy a home or sell your home, Cinnamon is the one you need.  I give her the highest recommendation.”

“Cinnamon is very passionate and she gets the job done.  She is the best.”